What does Pritella Offer?

  • Quick answers to queries
  • Personalization
  • Self-service assistants
  • Ability to do basic transactions from one platform (apply for time-off, query employee data, upload expense statements, raise tickets, and more)


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  • Conference Room Booking
  • Transport Services
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  • Find Your Colleague
  • Telephone Extension
  • Network and Systems Queries
  • Talent Management Queries
  • COVID-19 FAQs
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Personal Info

  • My Attendance
  • My Information
  • Salary and Investments
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  • Easy to Set Up
  • Works on Desktop and Mobile (iOS and Android)
  • Personalization
  • Menu Driven
  • Integration Ready
  • Launch polls
  • White labeling
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  • Tracks users accessing the platform
  • Section / menu wise queries
  • Answered versus unanswered questions
  • Usage – mobile vs. desktop
  • Usage trends

Steps to find someone

Find someone

Steps for booking a conference room

Conference booking

Demos & Pricing

Contact us for pricing information at info@harbinger-systems.com.